Base Guide 6.4 & EPUB of v6.2

Hello Everybody,
I have uploaded the first drafts of all the remaining chapters
(7,8,10,11&12) of Base Guide 6.4 to the Drafts folder. For last few days I
did not had good Internet connection, so I was unable to upload them. I
have moved chapter 0,1 & 9 to Published folder. I have accepted all changes
made by Dan to chapter 2 and moved the file back to Drafts folder.

Jean: Can you see to the formatting of chapter 2?

As for the EPUB file of Base Guide 6.2, I have moved it to the published
folder and have uploaded it to the wiki. Maybe it should also be linked in
the main Documentation website(I am not sure if EPUB versions are linked

Pulkit Krishna

Yes, I will look at The formatting of Chapter 2.

Done. In Feedback folder.