Base Guide 6.4 Chapter 8

Hi all,

I've completed the review of Chapter 8 of the Base guide on Database Tasks.
It is now in the feedback folder.

Jenna Sargent

Thanks. I was a bit busy today, I will look at it tomorrow. I will prepare
the full book of Base Guide on 1st July. I have never prepared a full book
before so any advice is welcome.
Pulkit Krishna

Hi Pulkit

Jean Weber can tell you more, here is my experience

So, to build the book, you need to stack the chapters in a big document,
removing the copyright and chapter's TOC.

Not so a big deal, except that you get 1 more document to maintain and
you will find small format glitches here and there, and fix back and
forth between chapters and full book.

Last time I did it, I found that starting backward worked better. That
is, stacking back cover, appendixes, chapter 19, 18, ... 1, preface, cover.

ps: Master documents has a bug that beaks PDF table of contents created
as bookmarks. Sad.