Base 7.3 BG7303 - First Review

Greetings - I am checking out BG7303 Tables for first review. I have updated the status sheet.

Thank you

Hi Dev,

Thanks for that.

This chapter and those that follow have had no significant update since the last issue. All that's changed is the figure captions (many added, some edited) and a few  minor edits to "tone down" any negative statements that I found. I implemented all edits with track changes switched on.

Please focus the review on those aspects to make sure that I've done nothing stupid.

Beyond that it would be better not to propose further changes at this time because we haven't got the time or people to update the document fully in a reasonable timescale for 7.3.



Sure Steve, I will follow that.



Greetings - I am checking in BG7303 Tables after first review. I have updated the status sheet.

Thank you

Hello everybody,

I have processed the comments on this chapter and returned the updated document to the Work in Progress folder. The new file is called BG7303-Tables_SF_VN_30Jan2022.odt and it is ready for 2nd review if anybody is available.

Dev has noted that several figures in Chapter 3 would benefit from being anglicized. This is a recurring theme throughout many chapters and my recommendation is that we do such updates at a later issue, when we have time to thoroughly review and update affected chapters.




I have reviewed chapter BG7303-Tables
- No contents change
- Chapter is in Published/ folder
- Master document updated
- Partial PDF updated
- Changes in image anchoring following (1)
- SQL statements in examples colorized (but not the statements syntax definitions).
- Changes stored in WIP folder under name