Anyone else to do some updating?

A bunch of new people have joined recently. That's great. Some of you
are working on chapters. That's even better, and I thank you!

But there are still a lot of chapters to work on. Most of them don't
require much in the way of writing, so they would be good for
newcomers who don't feel comfortable (yet) with writing new things.
But they do require some meticulous paying attention to detail when
reviewing. Surely someone else can step forward to help?


I'd be glad to. I'm an admittedly wary newbie and a project like this
sounds like a great place to start.

Cheers, Emma

Which articles are specifically being referenced here? I'd be glad to jump
in on a couple (I just signed up today so if there was a list earlier in
the thread I may have missed it, my apologies).

I'm still digging through the Doc Foundation Wiki, but hopefully I'll be
registered and set up soon. =)

Take care, Patrick

Excellent! And thank you. May I suggest you start with Chapter 12,
Creating Web Pages, in the Getting Started Guide. I have not
identified any additions or changes needed to the text, but I often
miss small things, so it needs to be checked against v3.4.4 and have
some other work done, as listed at the top of the section on Getting
Started on this wiki page:

Or you might prefer to do either Chapter 11 (Graphics), which needs to
have a picture replaced (use the one in the Writer Guide chapter on
graphics) or Chapter 14 (Customizing), which need a bit of writing --
as well as everything else, in both cases.


Thanks, Patrick, and welcome to the team!

I'm referring to the user guide chapters as listed on this page:
Or chapters in any of the other books on that page (Writer, etc).
Those being worked on have people's names in the Checkout column. You
can set up your own wiki account.

We'll need to set up your account on Alfresco, so you can check out
chapters to work on. You'll get an email with login info when that's
done. Meanwhile, you can study the (not always up to date) docs listed

Apologies to all for the somewhat scattered and often incomplete or
confusing state of our wiki. There's never enough time to keep it
organised and up to date. So do ask questions, suggest improvements,
or even edit it yourself.


Thank you Jean! What is the right way to get into the draft versions of
the documentation? I can find the published versions in a lot of places,
but I must be passing over the links where I can work on or edit anything
in progress.

Or do I just begin writing and submit it back? I found various wish list
parts like this link, just not where I can see what's already been
developed or where to add things.

Sorry for the newb questions! -)


Thank you Jean!  What is the right way to get into the draft versions of
the documentation?  I can find the published versions in a lot of places,
but I must be passing over the links where I can work on or edit anything
in progress.

Drafts are on the LibreOffice Alfresco site,
I have just now set up your account and sent you a private email with
your login info.

Please let us know what chapter you would like to start with. See my
reply a few minutes ago to Emma (part of the thread quoted below) for
some suggestions, or feel free to pick anything that interests you and
is not already being worked on. See also my note in reply to you,
posted a bit after the one quoted below (which was actually a reply to
Emma, but I didn't identify her by name).


Hi All,
I will take a look at updating Chapter 14 Customizing. I'll check under
that file folder and see if I find it. I am looking in the Drafts
sub-folder so please re-direct me if that is incorrect. Thanks!


On Alfresco, the path is
Repository > English > Documentation > Getting Started Guide > Draft

To check out a file, hover over the filename until some icons and the
word "More" appear to the right. Click More and choose "Edit Offline".

I'll be offline for a few hours, so if you have further questions, I
hope someone else on the list can answer them before I get back.


Thank you Jean. Think I'm just in need of the Alfresco login portion. I'm
not seeing that in earlier email trails.

Looking forward to getting started.

Cheers, Emma

Oops. I set up your account some time ago but didn't send the login
info to you. Now sent in a private note.