Annual report on activities

Hi all,

This is the time to prepare our annual report about the so various
activities we have achieved during this year. Florian will then
translate and adapt it to serve as the official report for the Berlin

I've prepared a pad here:

So please, fill in the activities you've lead during the year, do not
give to many details (it's a report :slight_smile: but draw the main lines of what
your project has achieved.

Thank you very much in advance for your participation, it's an important
task for our project.
Aside the official report, we can use it also to present our project to
the various publics we meet.

If you have question, please follow up on the projects list.

Kind regards

Hi everyone,
Regarding the new versions coming from LibreOffice, we have released a video, showing that LibreOffice Draw can improve the productivity in a 79%, creating an automation feature. We described the full feature in the following video: