Annual report, call for help on translation

Hi all,
I would like to request your help for translating the annual report of
the Foundation. Florian has had to write it in German for the German
authorities and won't find the time to translate it in English.

But we would like to have it available for the overall community as a
nice document to show the world all what we've done last year and the
great community we are.

So if you can read German and can write English, feel proud, you're the
most wanted person of the LibreOffice project :wink:
We will split the report by chapter and upload each on the wiki and
manage the workflow here.

If you wish to participate, just reply to this mail or write to me
directly, it would be great if we could begin the work soon and the more
we are, the better.

Thanks a lot in advance for your participation, we were not able to
achieve that last year and we really would like to be able to do it this
year thanks to your help.