ANNOUNCING: Sprint Week for Getting Started 6.0, starting Next Monday

Hello Documentation Team

We are announcing a Revision Sprint Week, starting next Monday May 21st
and ending on Sunday May 27th to review the contents of all chapters of
the 6.0 Guide.

The task consist of downloading a chapter and review it. Then send it
back to documentation at libreoffice dot org when revision is finished.

Volunteers are invited to visit our Wiki page at

and have a deep reading on the contents.

Please use our communication channels described there to access us for

Happy Revision Sprint Week!

Hi Olivier,
perhaps Mike can push it on social media?


perhaps Mike can push it on social media?

Yes, done on the usual places (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Reddit...)

If we get some new contributors as well during the sprint, we can add
them to the Month of LibreOffice page...