[ANN] translation project for 4.2 created in pootle

Hi *,

you might have noticed already, so also see this as a reminder that
the 4.2.0 release is slowly but steadily approaching :slight_smile:

* the libo_ui and libo_help projects are for 4.2.x
   both projects were updated against the pot templates created
   from master shortly before the branch-off for 4-2

* the libo41_ui and libo41_help are for 4.1.x
   projects are renamed/copied version of the previous libo_ui/help
   also did update help project against the previously updated
   templates for languages that didn't manually trigger the update

We are at beta1 currently (builds will be announced shortly), there's
another beta and 3 release candidates planned.

beta1: this week
beta2: week 49 (Dec 2-8)
rc1 (also marks english string and UI freeze): week 51
rc2: week 2 (Jan 6-12)
rc3: week 4 (Jan 20-26)

So ~2 months remain for translation



for 4.2x projects:

* ca_XV has been renamed to ca-valencia
* ku has been renamed to kmr-Latn

(Project Admin-Users have been setup accordingly)