[ANN] Membership Committee upcoming election

Dear Community,

all members of The Document Foundation are called to vote on a new
Membership Committee. Therefore, the Board of Directors hereby
announces the elections to the Membership Committee with the following

1. 2014-07-19: announcement of the elections (this e-mail); and start of
   the nomination phase
2. 2014-08-27, 24:00 CET/UTC+2: end of the nomination phase
3. 2014-09-04, 00:00 CET/UTC+2: official start of the elections
4. 2014-09-11, 24:00 CET/UTC+2: end of the elections
5. 2014-09-12: announcement of the preliminary results; and start of the
   challenging phase
6. 2014-09-17, 24:00 CET/UTC+2: end of the challenging phase
7. 2014-09-18: official announcement of the final results
8. 2014-09-19: new Membership Committee officially in charge

Members of The Document Foundation as of 2014-07-01 [1] are eligible
to vote in the elections, and any eligible voter can also be elected
to the Membership Committee. Members may self-nominate.

To announce your candidacy, send a message to
board-discuss@documentfoundation.org with your full name, e-mail,
corporate affiliation (if any), and a description of your reasons for
wanting to serve as a committee member. All candidates should also
send a summary of their candicacy announcement to
elections@documentfoundation.org - a compilation of the summaries will
be mailed to all registered voters prior to the elections. Summaries
should be no more than 75 words of continuous text (so no bullet lists
or multiple paragraphs) and must be received by the nomination
deadline given above.

Available slots will be filled by a single transferable vote system,
seats filled in decreasing order of preference. This election is
according to our statutes [2], and the term of office is two years.

All discussion related to the elections should be held on
board-discuss@documentfoundation.org where members are invited to ask
questions to one or all candidates. Instructions explaining how to
vote will be sent via e-mail to all eligible voters in time before the

The board will announce preliminary results as soon as possible after
the elections close, along with instructions on how to access the votes
archive and how to independently verify the vote count.

Any eligible voter may challenge the preliminary results by e-mailing
elections@documentfoundation.org within the aforementioned deadline.
Once any challenges have been resolved, the board shall announce the
final results.

Any questions regarding these procedures should be directed to the
board by e-mail to elections@documentfoundation.org

We are looking forward to all candidacies, and would like to thank you
for your work, engagement and dedication for The Document Foundation!

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Thorsten Behrens

[1] http://www.documentfoundation.org/foundation/members/
[2] http://www.documentfoundation.org/statutes.pdf

Good luck to all candidates.

Who is elected to the MC will do a great job.

Dear Community,

this is a reminder that in about 24 hours, the nomination period for
the upcoming Membership Committee election closes. Eligible are all
present members of the foundation:


If you consider running, please submit your nomination _now_. If you
know someone whom you think would make a good candidate, encourage him
or her to run!

Kind regards,

-- Thorsten