Acceptance of BoD role

Dear Osvaldo,

Let me first take this opportunity to personally congratulate with you for your election as member of the Board.
Then I kindly invite you to officially accept your position in the Board by answering to this message with a “Reply all”.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year!
Kindest regards,

Thanks a lot Gabriele for managing so nicely this duty :slight_smile:



I resent my acceptance statement (since it appered unclear in the previous message):

I, Osvaldo Gervasi, elected Deputy Director of the Board of The Document Foundation, hereby accept this position within the Stiftung bürgerlichen Rechts “The Document Foundation”. My term will start February 18, 2018.

Signed: Osvaldo Gervasi

Ich, Osvaldo Gervasi, gewähltes Ersatz-Vorstandsmitglied der The Document Foundation, nehme mein Amt innerhalb der Stiftung bürgerlichen Rechts “The Document Foundation” an. Meine Amtszeit beginnt am 18. Februar 2018.

Unterzeichnet: Osvaldo Gervasi