7.3 Base Guide; updated Chapter 1 (Introducing Base) ready for review

Hello everybody,

I have produced an updated version of the above chapter and it is ready for review (in Nextcloud). Dev has kindly volunteered to perform the Documentation Team's first review.

The chapter has changed significantly since the previous version (see below). It would be very much appreciated if one of our Base experts could skim through the revised chapter just to check that I haven't introduced any errors into the text descriptions of what Base does. (I'm not sure a Base expert needs to read through all the user interface interactions - any problems there should be picked up during the Documentation Team's normal review cycles).

Reasons why the chapter has changed significantly include (but may not be limited to):

1. I felt that we should provide a more coherent introduction for
    novice users, consistent with the guides for other LO components. In
    particular, answering some of the general queries about Base that I
    was initially unsure about and providing a brief overview of Base's
    user interface.
2. I didn't like some of the overly negative points about Base; surely
    their inclusion as previously worded wasn't a great marketing
    strategy. These have been toned down without hiding any specific
    problems that might be encountered.
3. There was a need to anglicize the text and figures and correct some
    of the confusions that may have arisen during the translation from
    German to English at an earlier issue.
4. Captions were needed for the many figures that previously had none.
    (All figures have been replaced with a consistent set captured on my
    Windows PC).

Please also note:
(a) The changes were not automatically tracked by Writer - there were far too many changes for this to be worthwhile or manageable.
(b) So far I have made no effort to minimize wasted white space by moving figures around. In my opinion, this would be nugatory effort and should be carried out later in the publication process.



1. What is the proper process for making general comments once someone
   has commenced a rewrite or review? I'm used to a spreadsheet issue report:
   number, issue, who, when, status.
   2. The Getting Started Guide base chapter and the Base Guide should have
   a closer relationship. Can the same document serve for GS Guide base
   chapter and Base Guide Chapter 1 Introducing Base?
   3. Definitions must be consistent, especially for Base (GS Guide defines
   a database but not Base).
   4. It's not good enough to assume connecting to other data sources
   implies you can create it first then connect (UI could be tweaked too):
      1. *Database creation*. New HSQLDB databases can be created using an
      embedded database engine.
      2. C*onnection to other data sources*. Databases can be created in,
      or used from, many widely employed database engines and other
data sources,
      including spreadsheets, text documents, and address books, and
these can be
      connected to Base.
   5. *Macros*. LibreOffice Basic and Python macros can be used to simplify
   running repetitive tasks preventing input errors, increase functionality,
   and improve form usability.
   6. Base can also operate in a standalone mode with an embedded
   Java-based HSQLDB (HyperSQL DataBase, version 1.8.0) relational database
   engine in a standard LibreOffice distribution instead of communicating with
   an external database engine.

Thanks Martin. Of course, I'm following
https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation which has a fair amount
of "(update in progress)".

   1. So do need to request approval from the Main Editor to join or do I
   just add myself to the list for the doc/version?
   2. I've used Google Docs before with concurrent users editing documents
   without any real problems. Do I have to wait for a current rewrite/review
   to be complete before I can propose changes?


After some months without any activity on the (English Language) Base Guide, I recently volunteered to try to help move it forward. Therefore, I am probably considered to be the current editor of the document.

As far as I know, the only other person working on the document is Vasudev Narayanan (also known as Dev), who got in touch to offer his assistance. Any other help is always welcome.

In the first instance I would suggest you contact Olivier Hallot through this email list. He is the LibreOffice Documentation Team Coordinator and is usually happy to guide new contributors through the onboarding process.




Minor update completed with tracked changes.