7.3 Base Guide - Current status of chapters 2, 3 and 4

Hello everybody,

I have placed three updated files in the relevant NextCloud folder:

  * BG7302-CreatingADatabase_SF_10Jan2022.odt
  * BG7303-Tables_SF_10Jan2022.odt
  * BG7304-Forms_SF_10Jan2022.odt

All three files are now in the 7.3 template, include captions for all significant figures/tables, and have a little less negativity (e.g., minimal use of the word "unfortunately"; removal of references to bugs that have been fixed; etc). I use the word “significant” in the previous sentence because Chapter 4 contains many small images of single fields within properties dialogs which I have retained for now as we are not planning a major overhaul of this chapter for 7.3.

Chapter 2 is scheduled for a fuller review, revision, and tidy up at this update. Somebody will get around to that soon.

Chapters 3 and 4 are not scheduled for significant updates at this issue. Please could somebody review the figure / table captions, and any other tracked changes in these two to make sure I haven’t done anything stupid?