6.0 Getting Started Updates: Chapters 3 & 4

*Chapter 3:Styles and Templates*
*Page 5:* Added bullet point adding Table Styles to the styles that are
supported by LibreOffice
*Page 6: *Added Table Style to Table of available styles in LibreOffice.
Clarified language in first paragraph of "Using Styles Menu in Writer" and
added a note to the effect that Tables are not available in the Styles Menu.
*Page 7: *Updated Screenshot to a placeholder that now contains the Table
Styles tab on the Styles and Formatting Sidebar deck.
*Page 22: *Under "Examples of Style Use" added a paragraph about the
various methods to format a table in Writer.

Since Chapter 3 is a more broad explanation of Styles in General rather
than 'specific' styles themselves, I kept the table styles to brief
examples. A full explanation of Table Styles should instead be
included in *Chapter
9 of the Writer Guide: Working with Tables.*

*Chapter 4: Getting Started in Writer*
*Page 20:* Sujective changes for clarity in the first paragraph of
"Formatting Characters"
*Page 21: *Under "Formatting Characters" after the instruction of direct
formatting, entered a paragraph recommending the use of Styles and
instructions on the various ways to apply character styles, including the
right click context menu. Below "Formatting Characters", entered a new
section on "Formatting Tables" with instructions on how to apply various
Styles to Tables.
*Page 31: *Under "Working with Graphics" added PDF Documents as a
definition of a graphic.

There is very little about Graphics in this chapter, so I feel a paragraph
devoted to PDFs themselves would be inappropriate; instead it should be
reserved for *Chapter 11: Graphics, The Gallery, and Fontwork* and *Chapter
11: Working with Images* in the Full Writer Guide.